Testimonials from our wonderful Sphynx families!

Ares is wonderful. He loves to sleep in the sun and dress up lol. He does however sneak into the toilet. I guess he doesn't know he is royalty. We are happy having him part of our family. He is great with my four kids. <3 Ares 

I am so happy to add our sweet and silly kitty "Jazzy" from Baregenetics Sphynx Cattery. She has such a great personality and both of my 2 teens, myself, and our older sphynx just love Jazzy so much! I just want to thank you Vanessa for always making us feel welcome to come visit her and for always answering any and all of my questions before and after we brought Jazzy home. That means a lot to me. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing this lovely breed to Baregenetics Sphynx Cattery. Melissa Lea - Peoria, AZ
We fell in love with our sphynx the first time seeing her. Vanessa was more then helpful. She answered every question we had about the breed since we had never owned one. Since taking home Ursula we've had several questions about the care for her and she has always taken the time to talk to us about them. Our baby is about 5 months now and is doing amazing. We can't wait to get a companion for her from Vanessa in the near future. (THEY GOT THEIR NEW BABY BOY :)
Our girl "Pinky Tuscadero" fit right in and we could not be any happier!
I have never seen a cat that wasn't afraid of dogs. We have 2 Chihuahuas and Pinky and the dogs are great friends. Bath time is no big deal either. This cat amazes me and is constantly making me laugh. Thank you :) Stacy
They just got a second baby girl!!!!!
I Love our new addition to our family, Berkley is a ball of energy and he loves to cuddle every night. Berkley gets along great with my two girls and loves my little dog, they are best friends. Vanessa was perfect during the whole process, letting us come over when ever so we could to bond with our little kitten and teaching us how to care for Berkley. She even answers my text late at night when I'm worried about Berkley. She truly cares for all of her kittens and she makes sure that each and every one of them goes home to a loving, caring home. I recommend her to all of my friends and family that fall in love with Berkley, I not only found an awesome Breeder but a Friend :-)!  
Vanessa was extremely helpful when we were looking into buying a Sphynx. She let us see Lydia as much as we wanted before getting her and made sure all of our questions were answered. Even after having Lydia for 6 months I can still go to Vanessa with any questions or concerns I have. Lydia is such a joy in our home and I am so happy I chose Vanessa as our breeder!
After the very sad loss of our beloved sphynx cat Cleopatra due to a battle with HCM, I was determined to locate a breeder that had enough integrity to scan all there breeding cats. This was not an easy task, but we were very fortunate to find Vanessa. She was so helpful through the entire process and made sure all of my questions were answered. My wife Victoria and I are so blessed to have a new baby girl names Isis, she is pure white with lavender blue eyes. She has such a great personality and we could tell she was loved on a lot by Vanessa. I cannot say how thankful I am enough to Vanessa, she is a true friend and a top breeder of the Sphynx!!!  -  Damien and Victoria
OK, I am long past due writing this. 
We wanted to get a sphynx, and had tons of questions as we have never owned one or even saw one in person, only photos of the unique and beautiful cats. Called several catteries with not so good results, some were just rude when asking questions, that is until we found Vanessa. She was very out going and made us feel very comfortable. Within a couple of days we went to her home to visit, with even more questions, Vanessa made us feel at home from the first movement we walked in, that's when we found our first love Keket. A beautiful baby girl, born on Mother's Day 2013. Vanessa made it a point to have an open door policy so that we can visit our new baby as often as we wanted. Read More
Back in September of 2012, I was idly surfing the internet, looking at Hairless Sphynx cats. You see, I am a cat allergy sufferer with a love for cats. Ironic, I know. I was raised with cats and really always had a mild reaction to my cats, but after having moved away from home and not being exposed to kitties, being reintroduced to my allergy was tragic and my complete undoing. Itchy eyes (and I mean the type of feeling where you want to intentionally blind yourself by ripping the little orbs from your face), a sniffly, snuffly, runny nose, itchy hives, a heavy-headed headache...this was me after spending any time in my sister's house (cat owner) so my hopes of again having a cat were shot. Read More
If someone would’ve told me a year ago that I would be the owner of not 1 but 2 hairless cats, I wouldn’t have believed them. But I am and I love them so much. When I first held Titan (now 8 mos) in my arms for the first time it was an immediate connection. I remember holding him close to my chest and kissing the top of his head. At one point, I stopped to say something to someone and he lifted his little paw and gently touched my face as if to say “don’t stop – keep kissing me”.  Read More
Here goes....
"After losing our first Sphynx "Banks" at the young age of 6yrs to HCM  we were devastated. We knew we were going to add another kitten to our lives after being won over by this amazing breed of cat, so the search began for a reputable breeder. Having worked in the animal field for many years my dealings with 
breeders usually was not a happy one. We wanted to find someone who  scanned their adult cats used in their breeding program for HCM so we would hopefully would not have to go through the devastation again any time soon.  Read More
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